Uniform Requirements

*Please note that our school is in the process of switching uniform companies and revamping the look for next year. Stay tuned for an updated Uniform policy as we go through a 2 year transition from the old uniform to the new.*
Boys: The boys must wear navy dress pants – no cords, cotton pants, or jeans; a white crested shirt; navy socks with black or navy dress shoes (not runners). The crested golf shirt may also be worn with the regular uniform all year. School sweater is mandatory: choices are pullover, cardigan or sweater vest.

Girls: The girls’ uniform consists of a crested navy box-pleated tunic or culotte-style navy skort; white dress shirt (no frills or ruffles) or crested golf shirt; navy knee high socks or navy tights; black or navy dress shoes (heels no higher than 1.5 inches and no ankle boots). The Grade Four to Grade Seven girls have an option of a navy skirt and white crested pullover blouse – both of which must be purchased from the school uniform supplier. Tunics and skirts must not be more than 3 inches above the knee or 1 inch below the knee. School sweater is mandatory: choices are pullover, cardigan or sweater vest.

Spring Uniform (optional):


The boys can wear navy walking shorts (must be from uniform supplier).

Gym Strip:

Navy shorts, yellow crested t-shirt and indoor runners (non-scuff).

Navy sweat suit or track suit for all students in Grade K through 7

White athletic socks are optional

Outdoor Recess:

Non-gym runners may be worn at recess. There will be days when only boots will be acceptable outside wear. On hot, sunny days and cold days the use of hats is encouraged.


In regard to hair decorations and jewelry, only navy, yellow, white or hair colour discreet hair bands, barrettes, etc. are acceptable. No jewelry except for simple watches and small earrings (girls only), and small simple chain necklaces are permitted. Nail polish and make-up are not permitted. If your child is out of uniform, you will be sent a note, which we ask you to return signed, so that we know you have received it.


Hair colour must be natural. Girls’ hair is to be neat and if necessary, tied back to keep it off the face. Boys’ hair must be kept short and neat; above the ears on the side, above the eyes in the front and tapered down to the hairline in the back above the collar. Extreme styles are not acceptable.

Our uniform supplier is RJ McCarthy (Neat Uniforms), situated at 1050 Boundary Road, Burnaby, B.C. Telephone: (604) 205-7560. All uniform articles must be purchased at this supplier’s store to keep the uniform consistent.

Store Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 10am -6pm
Sunday: Closed
Phone: 604-205-7560 or 1-800-668-8261 Fax: 604-205-7556


There are clear consequences for chronic and significant non-compliance with present policy concerning proper uniform, cosmetic use and hair presentation. Specifically, a note will be sent home by the principal to parents of non-compliers, indicating the nature of the infraction(s) and the expected date for remediation. If this responsibility is not met, or there are repeated incidents of non-compliance, the student will be required to stay home from school until the appropriate corrective action is taken.

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