SOS Boutique

Monica Dickson Phone: (604) 838-9102   Please call or text (text is preferable)

The SOS Boutique accepts ‘GOOD QUALITY’ used uniform items all through the school year for donation.  Please bring clean – quality items (no stains, holes, rips/tears, unraveling of knit items, faded colours or discoloured whites)  to the school office.  If the quality is not deemed appropriate for our Boutique, the items will be donated to Canadian Food for Children to be sent overseas.

If you would like to sell your used GOOD QUALITY items, we will provide the opportunity to do so at SOS Boutique sales throughout the year.  Please hang on to those clean items for dates to be announced.  Items not sold at the sale will be returned to the families.  Only donated items will be stored.

To print a sheet containing 6 labels  and suggested pricing CLICK HERE or pick up a sheet of labels at the school office. enlightened