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Our school would not exist without the active participation of parents.  The involvement of parents in all aspects of the school’s operation ensures that many of our labour costs are reduced.  Most importantly, parent participation makes enrollment at Star of the Sea School a ‘family affair’.  At Star of the Sea, we believe that education is very much a family responsibility.  When parents show an active interest in various Parent Participation projects, the children notice.  We therefore encourage all parents to actively participate in our school and parish community. We do understand that all families are not able to participate with hours and therefore, have pay in lieu options to assist. It should be noted that your involvement in the Parent Participation Program should not be confused with volunteer activities, in which you will also be encouraged to contribute your time and talents.  These include school and parish activities such as field trip chaperoning, some fund-raising activities, and other events (e.g. Fun Day).  Such volunteerism is a fundamental value of Star of the Sea School, and contributes greatly to Catholic solidarity and community spirit.  It can be an intrinsically rewarding experience for those involved.

Participating Families:

As active school community members, parents/caregivers are required to participate in one or more areas as needed by the school (see below).  Further details are provided with the annual (re)registration package.   A minimum of 40 hours per annum (as defined by a yearly cycle beginning on July 1 preceding the school year in question) is required from each family for fulfillment of the Parent Participation Program responsibility.  Completed hours are to be recorded on a regular basis via the school website.

Each participating family will be required to submit 2 post dated cheques at the time of registration/re-registration, $400 each, dated March 1 and June 1 of the upcoming school year.  These cheques will only be cashed if Parent Participation Program obligations are not met, according to the following protocol:

  • The March 1 cheque will be deposited if a minimum of 20 hours are not completed by March 1.  A full refund will be provided if the annual Parent Participation Program obligation (40 hours) is subsequently met by the end of the school year (June 30).
  • The June 1 cheque will be cashed if the full Parent Participation Program obligation is not met by the end of the school year (June 30).  A partial refund will then be provided for hours worked on a pro-rated basis (valued at $20 per hour).
  • Payment in full of any outstanding Parent Participation Program penalty will be a necessary condition for re-enrollment in the upcoming school year.  Furthermore, your child(ren) will not receive classroom placement(s) in August until this obligation has been met.

Areas of Participation:


















Once you are assigned to an area you will be contacted by the Area Coordinator to work out a schedule and to answer any questions you may have.  It is important to understand that once a schedule has been made up and work areas assigned, you are expected to remain committed to that area.  You are responsible to find your own replacements.  Should you find the need to change your area of participation during the year, you must contact your Area Coordinator immediately. We cannot guarantee that a position in another area will be available. Failure to meet your obligation will result in reassignment to the ‘pay in lieu’ category requiring an additional $800 fee.   A comprehensive Parent Participation Registration Form will be distributed at the time of registration/re-registration.

Fifty hours of participation per family is required, but this is used as a guideline only (additional hours are much appreciated).  If you find you are short hours, it is your responsibility to make up those hours if you do not wish to be pay the balance of hours in lieu at a rate of $20 per hour. Contact the Area Coordinator for assistance.

Pay in Lieu Options:

We understand that all families may not be able to participate through hours. As a result we have a Pay in Lieu Option – a $800 payment (either one cheque dated for September 1st or two cheques for $400 dated September 1st and March 1st), a Hybrid Option whereby families work only 25 hours in a specified area and pay a $400 payment (one cheque dated September 1st) or a Goods & Services in Lieu Option, whereby a family can propose to offer the school and/or parish goods and/or a services in lieu. For this option, an application found on the school’s website must be approved in advance by the PEC.