Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Centre

Coordinator: Miriam Campagne

Case Managers: Bernadette Deeley & Karen Borkowski

Learning Support Teachers: Bernadette Deeley & Karen Borkowski

Teaching Assistants: 

Theresa Bennett, Raelene Bocale,

Yvonne Confortin, Maria Rhodes

Katherine Lesack, Fran Pezzente,

Suzy Rossi, Beverly Lewis, Amy Fourchalk

Rosella Miller, Shonagh Williams

Homework Club:

Library: Monday – Friday 12:00 – 12:35

Link to Recommended Websites 

Reading: starfall.com foniks.org , tlsbooks.com ,

Worksheets & resources for most subjects: donnayoung.org

Math: thegreatmartinicompany.com , aaamath.commath.com , mathplayground.commath-drills.commathmagician 

Speech and Language resources: speakingofspeech.com 

Social/Emotional: mentoringboys

List of Educational Apps:

Math King – Junior and Regular

Cursive (handwriting practice)


Selector (turn making made fun)

Jungle Coins, Time, Fractions and Geometry

Math Drills

Khan Academy