Learning Support

Welcome to the Learning Support Centre

Coordinator: Miriam Campagne

Case Managers: Bernadette Deeley & Karen Borkowski

Learning Support Teachers: Bernadette Deeley & Karen Borkowski

Teaching Assistants:

Theresa Bennett, Raelene Bocale, Yvonne Confortin, Maria Rhodes, Fran Pezzente, Suzy Rossi, Cristina Rossi, Cecile Ehman,  Beverly Lewis, Amy Fourchalk, Rosella Miller, Shonagh Williams and Zach Campagne

Links to Recommended Websites 

Reading: starfall.com foniks.org , tlsbooks.com ,

Worksheets & resources for most subjects: donnayoung.org

Math: thegreatmartinicompany.com , aaamath.commath.commathplayground.commath-drills.commathmagician

Speech and Language resources: speakingofspeech.com

Social/Emotional: mentoringboys ,

List of Educational Apps:

Math King – Junior and Regular

Cursive (handwriting practice)


Selector (turn making made fun)

Jungle Coins, Time, Fractions and Geometry

Math Drills

Khan Academy