Grade 5

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Grade 5 (Mr. Pasta) Meet the Teacher

Dear Parents,

Some of the areas that were addressed during our meeting:


Religion:we will be focusing on the theme of “What do you want of me Lord”.  We will also be taking a close look at the sacraments, the Mass, Mary, the saints, and the commandments.  As well, by following the liturgical year, the students will develop a greater understanding of the seasons in the church.  They will have the opportunity to prepare and lead the school Mass in March and will present The Passion Play in April.

In Language Arts we will use story and essay writing in order to continue to improve upon the students’ writing skills.  We will also read several novels as a class and the students will have the opportunity to complete several independent novel studies.  As well, we will continue to focus on spelling, grammar, and vocabulary skills. The novels that Grade 5 students will be reading includeHoles  and The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

In Math we will build upon the students understanding of number concepts and work to strengthen their basic operation skills.  We will explore the topics of fractions, decimals, measurement, geometry, and data analysis.  We will also look at different strategies involved in problem solving.

Social Studies:In Grade 5 this year the students will be learning about and focusing on Canada, in particular, Canada’s government.All students will be responsible for presenting current events in our world, which will allow students to become informed about the world around them. We are excited to be going on a field trip to Victoria later in the year to visit the Parliament Buildings and the Royal BC Museum.

Science:The grade five students will look at the complex system of the human body, as well as study about force and motion and the topic of renewable and non-renewable resources.  Throughout each unit, the students will have many hands-on opportunities to explore science.

P.E., French and Music:

Skills based programs taught by specialist teachers.


Used daily as an important tool:

  • – to help establish and maintain a regular homework routine
  • – to develop good time management strategies
  • – to encourage responsibility for independent learning
  • – to effect communication  between parents and teachers
  • – to promote parent involvement in student learning
  • – homework is an important component of daily learning
  • – homework needs to have priority and be scheduled as part of the week day routine, not merely something to be squeezed in among other after school activities
  • – due dates need to be respected; all texts and student work must be  brought to school each day
  • – Homework slip policy in place to track late or missing work and to inform team-teachers and parents


  • – evaluation is a multifaceted process
  • – students are assessed in the context of the current B.C. Performance Standards in Reading, Written Language, Numeracy, and Social Responsibility
  • – follow your child’s progress by talking about his/ her learning, and seeing student work regularly (students are encouraged to take home their books any time)
  • – students demonstrate their learning through interest, participation, daily and long term assignments, homework, quizzes, and tests
  • major assignments and tests will be sent home on completion of units of study; they should be signed by parents and returned to school to – acknowledge that you have seen current results
  • – letter grades for core curriculum subjects are noted on report cards


  • – continue to foster their spiritual growth at home by helping them understanding and practice their faith daily – journey with them as they deepen their relationship with Jesus
  • – discuss local, national, and international issues to make them more aware of their world and to help them develop opinions and take a Christian stand on current issues
  • – help them become media savvy; take advantage of any programming or learning experiences which will reinforce material being studied in class
  • – monitor internet use
  • – discourage them from over scheduling themselves; although young people this age love to be involved in a variety of sports, cultural, and – – recreational activities they also need time to just “hang out” with their families and friends.
  • – set up study/work area with Dictionary, Thesaurus, Atlas, Bible, and necessary supplies
  • – reinforce organizational skills at home by ensuring students develop responsibility for work and materials
  • – ensure your child has a local library card and visit local library regularly for recreational reading and media loans as well as for research materials and homework helps offered by the library

Thank you for meeting with me, and if you were not able to join us, please meet with me sometime soon.  Should you need to inform me of any issues involving your child please send a note, email, or leave a message with the school office.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.  Many concerns can often be quickly dealt with by phone.   I look forward to a great year working with you and your children.


Dennis Pasta