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The French Program at STAR OF THE SEA is based upon the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for French as a second language.

To familiarize you with the program, I will briefly outline some of these goals as well as the materials and programs used.

There are three main goals:  attitude, language and culture.   These three goals are developed through the elementary grades of

Kindergarten to grade seven.


Emotional Development

-positive self-image

-feelings of pride and success

-enjoy learning/interest in French

-accept challenge

-feel confident and secure

-build self-esteem through mastery of another language

Social Development



-respect others/be caring

Social Responsibility

-to promote awareness and appreciation of our multicultural society

-to recognize French as a founding culture of Canada and therefore

part of our heritage

-work cooperatively and independently

LANGUAGE:  The student will acquire these communicative skills:

-listening:  understands spoken French confined to vocabulary and

structures taught.

speaking:  converses based on learned vocabulary and structures

with reasonable pronunciation, rhythm and intonation.

reading:  reads and understands materials based on learned

vocabulary and structures.

writing:  writes specific structures that he or she can understand.

CULTURE:               The student will develop:

cultural qualities through active use of language

-positive attitude towards people who speak French through

meaningful exposure of language, culture, history and geographical regions

-awareness of their identity through exposure to another language and culture

-a broadening of perspective

-an appreciation of valuable contributions from speakers of French through instruction and direct experience.



-participation in program activities and responsibility in assignments

Linguistic Aural

-response to teacher and peers

-response to written and taped exercises


-response in class, small group and individual activities

-presentations to peers


-maintaining a neat and organized notebook/cahier

-tests, skits, posters, etc. will also be evaluated


– Upon completion of a unit, intermediate students will present their own project as a “proof of learning”.  The presentation will be followed by written self-evaluation, and immediate peer feedback.

In the primary grades, this is begun with compliments and applause.

In grades K-2, reading is approached informally by activities, songs, stories, charts, skits and dances.  Vocabulary and structures are taught following a thematic and seasonal approach as well as survival communicative skills.

Promenades 1 is used for grade 3.  Vocabulary and structures taught will be reinforced through games, songs, skits as well as writing and reading activities.

Visages 1is used for grade 4.  Reading will occur more naturally through oral presentation of stories, puzzles, games, skits, books, songs and flashcards.

Visages 2is used for grade 5.  Like in grade 4, reading will occur more naturally through oral presentation of stories, puzzles, games, skits, books, songs and flashcards.

Madame Dardano is teaching Grades 6 & 7, emphazing listening, speaking, writing and reading as well as correct pronunciation and intonation.  We will be focusing on using our communicating skills in meaningful ways beginning with La Rentree a l’Ecole (Back to School) and then onto Chez Moi (My Home).

Note: In all grades a supplementary vocabulary will be taught to encompass everyday survival skills used such as:  counting, greetings, holidays, seasons, items in a home, community, animals, people and their work places.  Cultural aspects are taught in the history of the early settlers of Canada, as well as enrichment through songs, legends, cuisine and customs.  My goal is to provide students with a solid base of language acquisition, as well as a sense of achievement and success.

Please make sure your child reviews his French vocabulary, numbers and verbs every day.


Madame Laflamme

Madame Dardano